Company Policies

  • Payment must be received in office on or before the due date. If the payment is late,the service will be placed on hold,until payment is made. All invoices that are 30 days past due,are subject to a late fee.

  • To resume service of a suspended account, full payment of delinquent funds,plus a $5 restart fee, will be required. After 60 days accounts will be ended , and will require a $10 fee to reopen.

  • Checks returned due to insufficient funds,will be subject to a $15 returned check fee.

  • Our pricing is based on a per household basis. Please respect this,and do not share or combine multiple households waste.

  • To ensure timely and dependable pickup,we ask that your trash is at its point of pick-up,the night before your scheduled pick-up.

  • If you are using a metal or plastic barrel for your receptacle,please have pity on our pick-up technicians, and make sure all trash is bagged.


Due to the fact of our family wanting to enjoy holidays also, service will run one day late after listed Holidays,until the end of that week,then resume normal schedule.